Friday, March 17, 2006

More on Annie

Interestingly this article in the Guardian was reported on MSN today. Annie Proulx was none too impressed by the Oscars, or the winners.

I'm all for lambasting Hollywood ninnies and poking fun at the lavish self-congratulatory onscreen masturbation that is the Oscars. But:

1. I thought Crash was also a damn good movie,
2. I think every best-picture nominee is heavily marketed to the Acedemy, and
3. I think racism is every bit as important an issue to tackle as homophobia.

Sure, racism has been done. But it hasn't been done in. Intolerance based on race is as wrong as intolerance based on sexual orientation. Both are topics worth discussing. Both are movies worth making.

I actually think Brokeback was a better movie, and I agree with her that the Oscars are lame. But don't diss Crash as irrelevant or unprovocative. It's a worthy flick.


Last year Hollywood movie receipts fell 7.9% throughout the world and 6% in the United States, which, one could boast was a statement from America to Hollywood. Others may cite the success of DVD’s for the decline.

In box office receipts, “Crash” was 49th, “BB Mtn” was 26th. Proof, I assume, that economics and the profit a movie makes is, well, not in the picture.

“It’s Hard Out Here for a Propaganda Machine”. I’m really sure it is….

How many Oscars do you think the liberal elite will give this film. Please do watch the trailer.
I make it a policy not to review any movie I haven't seen yet, but, well, speaking of propaganda! This was backed by a rightwing thinktank and featured at a rightwing film-fest (not kidding, there really is one), so I'm guessing it would receive about the same number of Oscars as, say, The Power of Nightmares, a 3-part doc. by the BBC. That is to say: 0. This film you linked to looks like a long montage of CNN and Fox footage.

Look, I'm not claiming that there aren't really bad people out there. But this kind of film is exactly the kind of tool the upper neocons are using to scare the shit out of everyone in order to justify their oil wars.
This film you linked to looks like a long montage of CNN and Fox footage.

So, you watch Fox? Or perhaps you should also make it your policy not to review news you haven't seen...

to justify their oil wars.

I will reserve the right to debate this point at another time...too tired this evening.
Alas, I have indeed been exposed to FOX news. All I can say is poor Neil Postman, spinning in infinity.

Thank dog for Jon Stewart - his appearance on Crossfire was the stuff of legends.
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