Sunday, March 26, 2006

G8 Pizza by Semsar Siahaan

G8 Pizza, painted by Semsar Siahaan

The paintings are nice, but I thought the pen and ink, and pencil work were amazing.
Yeah me too. I particularly liked the theme of this painting though and the main figure comes off as wonderfully eee-vil.
Yeah, i like this too.
I vanquished a creature not dissimilar to this one very recently.

He claimed to King Doughboy from the planet Pilsbury.

After I blasted him with my phaser (pending negociations), I noticed that he smelled quite nice.

Three meals. That's economical diplomacy.
Nice vanquishing, Berk! Here on earth we have a similar creature called King Cowboy ruling the planet with a heavy hand. Please help.
Is that a mobile phone in/on the artwork? Banish it, banish it!
it is indeed; the symbolism is rich!
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