Wednesday, March 15, 2006

5 Page Stories

So I've been entering a few writing contests lately, submitting fiction and nonfiction stories. Most of them have some sort of vague theme and a word restriction. I'm now entering one that has neither, although "most submissions are under 40 pages." Golden!

Here's your assignment: Give me some ideas for stories. (I'm too tired from my day job to think of any.) I'll use my favourite suggestion and give its related suggestor 2-5% of my winnings, depending on how much I blow on foam noodles on my way home from the bank. Extra points will be given to any ideas involving finger puppets, especially if they offend rightwing homophobes.


ps. this badass was photographed by M during our honeymoon trails in Cape Breton, a magical place with magical rum.

Do an article on how “liberal group think” actually has free speech on the run. How it actually enforces the beliefs of those in the ilk of Wagner. How the liberal left, in their “anti-racist racism”, ala Sartre, is stifling free speech.

What is disturbing about “anti-racist racism” (which it seems bb and miiiiiiia have no trouble with) is that it threatens speech in shaping not only “who can speak”, but, secondarily, “what can be spoken”. And thusly, how does this actually dismantle any foundations on which racism stands? It just shifts the platform. Hence, bb can make any sort of statement he feels necessary about “right wing (fill in the blank)” and feel perfectly good about himself. “That’s right, I showed them fucking (blanks).”

In your article be sure to mention about the teacher in your liberal la la land who, as my paper reported today “drew a suspension for a letter to a newspaper arguing homosexuality is not a fixed orientation….”. Remarkably, he was “not accused of discrimination, merely of expressing thoughts the state defines as improper.[Bolding mine].

The same article mentions that “Another Canadian newspaper was fined 4,500 Canadian dollars for printing an ad giving the citations—but not the text—of four biblical quotations against homosexuality.”

What these liberal dictates are attempting to do is forge a community of “like-minded souls”. Fine, you should mention, if you are one of the “like-minded”. This, you should know, was one of the main points of many of Wagner’s dictums. Be sure to report on Die Kunst und die Revolution, using the quote ”nur der Dichter kennt den Dichter”. One can easily transfer to this “only the liberal knows the liberal”, hence he is easily able to join that community sharing common ties. But Wagner also used these thoughts to “separate” those who were different. Much like the liberal and the squelching of free speech. How far are the “hate speech” laws from forming Wagner’s dream of a community of individuals who are similar. Of course, Wagner wanted racial homogeneity, but is not the liberal dream of philosophic homogeneity just as dangerous?

Ah, but my poor liberal f, if the subject matter is a bit “heady” for your brain, you could always do an article on your cat... or perhaps another poem?
I'm too tired from my day job to think of any

I really doubt that is the reason.
Write a story about a violent hitman who has couple of finger puppets that he playes with in the secret confines of his bedsit. They are the only fantasy he allows himself in the harsh reality of his world of pain.

The assassin is playing with them in his room one night when he is unexpectedly tortured and killed.

His fingers are chopped off before he dies, but the puppets carry his spirit onwards. they fall in love and seek to avenge their former master.

cool ideas both!
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