Friday, March 24, 2006

2005 Highlight Reel

Top 25 hits of 2005, Chronilogically:

1) Weekends away - we leave Toronto one weekend a month
2) Raptors v. Pistons, platinum seats, Raps win, best - game - EV-errr, with Anthony Del Col
3) Tammy and Toni's Wedding!
4) All the people who scored jobs in their field through working with me
5) Working with Lionel Laroche on understanding and managing cultural diversity
6) Canadian Race Relations award of excellence, Calgary & visit w. Fernando, Guillo, and Leo
7) Easter weekend in NYC with Mary, Mark, Jeff, & Mike
8) Kittens!!!
9) Native Lands workshop, blew my mind
10) Winning a Vital Ideas award
11) Publishing an article in Now Magazine
12) 30th birthday extravaganza, movie w. MikeyZ, meeting Steve Forbert, surprise party
13) Benjamin-Szala Experience - stag party
14) M's summer camp for her birthday
15) Camping with the Cribbseses
16) Anti & Lena's beautiful boathouse in Fenelon Falls
17) Stag & 'Doe' in NS at Dooley's Pool Hall
18) The 3-week wedding to end all weddings
19) Giving Salman Rushdie a copy a short story I wrote
20) The Pilonszala wedding featuring me as MC
21) Justin Rutledge, Danny Michel, Bob Lanois, Andy Kim, live at The Mod Club
22) Late Fall in Ottawa with my Wife, visiting old friends Dam and Sue
23) Ingrid's return to Grapefruit Moon
24) Home for xmas
25) New Year's Eve with the craziest family in the universe

Goodbye monkey!


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