Tuesday, February 07, 2006

highlights 05 highlights April

14. Kittens!!! M's classmate's mom's cat had 3 of 'em and we wanted one. Drove out to Scarborough in Aiti's car but M said "we can't just take one he'll miss his mom too much" and the sap that I am I said okay. We chose Bosh because he was an obvious adventure seeker, LG (Lieutenant Governor) because he was so magesterial, and you could kind of tell him apart from Bosh. No regrets about taking two and their as different in personality as they are alike in looks. Every day they make me smile and giggle like a little girl.

15. Native Lands workshop, hosted by the Sustainability Network. I thought it would be some feelgood stuff about how environmentalists and native people have lots of common ground to work with. Instead it was a hard truth-tellin' lawyer who lectured us on our failure to grasp the power of the aboriginal worldview, represented by a circle, v. a line. It was Quinn-esque but not as gentle, it was a rare glimpse of public honesty, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

16. Appearing as a witness before the feds' Standing Committee on Immigration was pretty cool.

17. Our second annual Environmental Career Information Fair for New Canadians - very stressful but very exciting, lots of energy and the potential for good things to happen, I hope.

Wow, hope this April turns out so good!



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