Monday, February 06, 2006

05 Highlights ctd.

10. When Miranda scored a job at TRCA after volunteering with me for a long time. She is actually one of many, and it's always the best part of my job.

11. Working with Lionel Laroche on understanding and managing cultural diversity - a whole new knowledge framework for me to use and a solidified way of thinking about culture.

12. Being shortlisted for the Canadian Race Relations award of excellence and getting a free trip to their conference in Calgary, which was a great conference, and where I had a great time with old friends Fernando, Guillo, and Leo.

13. Easter weekend in New York City with Miia, spent at her friend Mary's sweet little pad in the East Village, record shopping, one of the best seafood meals ever, hangin' with the Seamone brothers, and watching Vince-sucks-ity get pummeled by KG and his Minnesota Slackers.

Next up: April!



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