Wednesday, January 18, 2006


free is to be not what i am or anybody is living like this in such a state of disrepair discombobulated mountain homes grown alone and disenfranchised of bigcity folly.

free is not a state of mind or nothing left to lose but more nothing to gain and no desire to do so anyway because each time the sun sets there is no need for more hours and no regret for what wasn't done that day; there is no concept of day for night or burning oil of any sort, only a sense of purpose that is inate easy and never questioned.

free is not knowing exactly where you'll be but having a general sense of direction and a strong sense of place, even when you're moving around or going on a long trip to someplace you've never been before because you know who your home is and you know you'll return here again when the time is right.

free is not rushed never being in a hurry and never being late, always being responsible but never having too much responsibility or too much to do.

free is following the flow offered by the universe yet not necessarily falling under its whimsical tides, at least not until the time is right.

free is not being rich but not having to struggle just to survive some meaningless existence.

free is lacking in this giant monoculture because no one i've ever met in my whole damn life lives the way i'm describing.

free never heard of existential, and i long for it.


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