Saturday, December 03, 2005

Serenity by the Sea, August 2 2001

I can't believe I miss the people trap, the Big Sneeze, home of 5 million shoe-staring power walking Bay Street hustlers. I miss Mykeyz, my Death-of-Ladies-Man-Lawyer, Minister Swears, Ingrid Bergman my north-north magnetic crush, KK n Lodowne in the Loo, and of course You-Know-Who.

Laying concrete turns out to be an adequate withdrawal treatment, as long as you don't know what you're doing. The nanosecond a task becomes monotonous the cravings set in. Shit, I even miss XX right now.

"The Queen of the Netherlands, or some place, at 80, just learned to stand on her head," says Chera, Queen of Serentity by the Sea. Nurse Wratched on valium, prozac, and yoga. Same computer efficiency without the whip torture.

"Wow!" responds her King, "You know, just 15% of the global military budget would cope with all the world's environmental crises. It'll be a great day when education ids adequately funded and the army has to sell cookies to raise money for guns."

True dat cliche.

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