Friday, November 18, 2005

Mavis, Dinah, Flo & Owen

On the way home we were gravitated into a line country music pub. Dinah and Flo - two middle-aged Haida Gwaii women, invited us for a beer, their 17th.

"Y'don look olenuff a be in here, Chris. Bet yer m'son's age. An yer cute." This record backgrounded the live act all night - two Newfies doing folk country - Hank Williams even. "Chris, y'wanna dance?" Of course.

Flo worked packing fish till her fingers curled gnarled and arthritized and it was too much pain. "Chris, y'wanna smoke a joint w'me? It's mediss, mediss, y'know, for my arthritis." Not now thanks.

"Chris, yer m'son's age and yer cute, but m'son's cuter a course. But yer cute - Ai-eeeee!" High-pitched Haida Gwaii cat call.

Dinah was cute too, but her man-catcher was Owen-pointed.

"At this point in our show we'd like to invite our friend Owen up to sing a song or two." Johnny Cash base voice pumpin' hard country - Hank Williams and Snow too, Cash, Willie Nelson. Of course hot-blooded Dinah was drawn, and sung, and danced - old-folk shuffle sweetly.

Mavis joined the party late - the sister of a Haida Gwaii artist who happened to carve Sadie's argellite jewelry: Miles. Miles and Mavis.

We stumbled to the tent after midnight and our old friend Florian woke us up: "Time to get up! Ferry's coming!"

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not familiar with the dialect here, its nice but what is it?
The women were Haida Gwaii; native folks from what is more commonly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, off the northern coast of British Columbia. They were also a bit sloshed at the time, hence the slurring.

Thanks for coming by - I found your blog doing a search on Melanie Durrant and you had just blogged on how great she is, so I read through and really enjoyed your writing.
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