Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ken ctd.

Migrant hippies fluttered in and out for an hour, passing joints and malt liquor, taking turns holding babies, while the indy folk music poured in through the cabin windows. Ken talked sex, chit-chat, geography, weather, politics.

"The DFO wants to come to Haida Gwaii and tell us how to run our fishery, when it was their policies destroyed our fishery in the first place. Now what we need to do is all sit down together, the fishermen, the natives, the locals, consumers, and all sit down with the the feds, and all tell those bureaucrats we don't want their policies on Haida Gwaii - we want to manage our own fishery!

"I really believe in the circle you know. It's the only legitimate form of justice left in the world; when the native elders look at a guilty man and say, 'We can forgive you, but this is how you gotta repent.' Well, we need to all sit down - like in a circle, and talk about how we're gonna manage the resources on this island." Hippies' heads glue-focused, without a noise in thew room but Ken's crackerjack voice. Even the children silent listening, like church.

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Goddamn I hate hippies.... and by ‘like church’, you mean they are bored and can't think of anything they would like to be doing less than listening to some boring old fart talk about bible junk?
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