Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Haida Gwaii

We hitched a ride with some art foragers. "It's really something to see so many great artists in one place, all living in squalor. We're here to buy some of their work." Dropped us at an island priced hostel - double the mainland cost. Skipped the big bill and found Howler's Bistro.

Veggie burger: $8.75, clam chowder: $4.95, garlic bread (2 slices): $3.00. "I'd order a beer but I don't have 40 bucks on me."

"And some coffee and cream - ten bucks."

This is when she told me her nipple rape theory: "milk is nipple rape. I wrote a paper on it my firest year at York. They impregnate the cows perpetually so we can steal their milk. The calfs are born, taken away and turned into veal before their mothers ever get to feed them. Instead a cold hard steel machine is forced over their nipple to suck them dry." An exclamation mark oversized crow swooped and snatched our neighbours packaged coffee cream, flew to the ground and feasted on processed cow milk.

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