Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Haida Gwaii ctd.

"You know," said our camera-handed neighbour, "I hear there used to be a white raven on this island, but it was electrocuted when it tried to eat its way through a power line."

A suicidal albina raven, fascinating.

"I hear that eagles have been known to drown trying to haul giant salmon from the ocean."

"It's true. Their talons can only release when they land, so if a fish is too heavy they are stuck. But on the other hand, eagles have been known to snatch cats and poodles for dinner."

"Poodles eh? Good for the eagles!"

"Enjoy your dinner."

"I will if I can just forget the price."

Sunshine waitress later visited us to offer cheesecake.

"It isn't on the house by any chance is it?"

"Well, as a matter of fact I think it might be." She pulled a disappearing mysterioso, came back soon: "Yeah, the gentleman who was sitting beside you paid for your dinner for you, plus two cheesecakes and 2 cups of coffee. Do you know him?"

"Um, I wouldn't say we know him. We bantered a little."

"Wow! I was thinking 'whatever those guys did I want to learn how to do it so I can get free meals.'" Flabbergastation looks.

"Maybe it was our backpacks."

"Maybe they heard us complaining about the prices." Triple chocolate chocolate fudge mocha mousse cake with chocolate sauce on the side and top, and good coffee!

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