Friday, November 25, 2005

Beethoven's 5th - Lyrics

Most people don't realize that Beethoven actually wrote lyrics to accompany his fifth symphony. The reason for this mass ignorance is that his manager, George, consistently sabatoged the larnyx of every singer the composer hired to put voice to the words. Was he sadistic and evil? Perhaps, but also smart. You'll understand when you see the lyrics. Here they are:

I'm Beethoven
And you are not
I can barely hear and yet I can compose an entire symphony
What can you do?
You are not me
I was better than my father by the time I was a teenager
And he was a pro
Not as good as me
So what may I ask if I could just ask does that make you?
It makes you not me
You're no Beethoven

It goes on like that for some pages. Yeesh, what a Narcissist!

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