Friday, October 28, 2005

What are 'Diverse People?'

M and I often discuss how we float in a void between the radical left and the mainstream. Some of her classmates are so radical all they ever seem to see is racism, or some other ism. And the isms are indeed everywhere; if you care to look it's not hard to find peole being excluded for one reason or another prejudice or 'systemic barrier.'

A recent discussion inspired me to suggest a presentation topic for her: bring in corporate wishy-washy photos of 'diversity.' Chances are you'll see various ethnicities, ages, and probably one person in a wheeelchair. Then take pictues of people gathered publicly in real life - on the bus, at meetings, around town. Outside of that public image of diversity consciousness we tend to hang with out own, don't we? There aren't a whole lot of exceptions.

Then I saw this picture online of John from Anaheim Whoop Whoop's (JAWW) class in peace studies at Notre Dame (that catholic school in Indiana):

I guess it's your standard diverse (or multicultural at least) group photo. What's really cool about the program is you live in shared housing with your classmates, and room with someone from another region of the planet. So they become more than diverse colleagues, they become a diverse community. JAWW says he is really enjoying the program so far, and it sounds like an amazing concept.

--The Bopper

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