Friday, October 14, 2005

Confessions of a CD Shopaholic

I'm on such a CD binge - yet another hypocrasy of the anti-consumerist Torontonian.

On the advice of JonBen I picked up AC Newman's The Slow Wonder and Death Cab for Cutie's Plans, both of which are excellent, but I'm especially like Death Cab - very groovy and happy sounding, pretty music, but with far better lyrics than your average pop.

M has asked me to help her keep current on the music scene because she fears future mocking from our yet-to-be-born (or conceived so far as I can tell) children. So we have this 'cd of the month club'. The problem is I seem incapable of walking out of a record store with anything less than 4 cd's.

Her September selection was Justin Rutledge, who I learned about from PWI, and is a country genius of the highest calibre. Some people think country genius is an oxymoron but that's because they think country is Garth Brooks and his clones, but that ain't real country - it's just bad.

Anyway Justin Rutledge turned out to be an apetizer - I also scored Magnolia Electric Co's What Comes After the Blues, Cuff the Duke's self-titled album (which former roommate C learned me on), and Joel Plaskett's latest.

M's October selection is K'Naan's Dusty Foot Philosopher, also a C discovery of sorts because it was him I first saw K'Naan with at North by Northeast. But while grabbing that disc I stumbled on a new release from Blackalicious, which happens to kick serious ass. I learned about these guys from another former roommate, who has since dropped from the earthface, leaving only musical remnants behind. But I couldn't leave the best music store on earth without also snagging Ryan Adams' latest - very much a country album, more so than anything else I've heard from him, and it too kicksass.

But in all this music buying I couldn't find, until last night, the release of my desire: where you live, tracy chapman's latest. I was so grateful to Ed's Music World for carrying it that I also carted away several cheap bin selections like U2's claaaaasssic 'War' (which I have on tape but for 8 bucks what the hell?), Bacdafucup, another classic by ONYX, which is heavyweight (and still undisputed!), and Ron Sexsmith's 2001 offering: blue boy.

And thrown into all these new purchases is this guy Richard Buckkner, another great offering from six shooter records, where life is too short to listen to shitty music. If there's a great sounding Canadian folksy in your ear there's a chance he or she has been signed to six shooter.

Speaking of he or she, why is it that almost all the above listed music is by men? And judging by the music blogs I've seen, even the ones by women, it's not just that I'm a mysogenist (and bad speller).

Cat Power!



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