Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Synchronous Vibration

So we inspired Martyn to inspire me to inspire him, in that he saw a pic of M and I (taken by brother K, so I guess he started it) on our wedding day, and wrote "you look like you vibrate at the same speed." And I said, 'synchronous vibration, cool way to describe it.' And then I went on his web site and suggested 'synchronous vibration' as a title for a photoglyph, and he came up with this:

Which he describes thusly:

"There’s a sculptor named Mark Prent who did a piece once that was a human figure doing a handstand on parallel bars. The figure was normal up to the waist but his legs withered and turned into flippers. It had something to do with stress or pressure on the body. This is my clumsy attempt to replicate that. The idea is to represent the energy the man is putting out visually. All his energy is focused on the end of the shovel, but it’s dissipated our his shoulders and biceps and pectorals and quads. Success is a judgement."

And event though I'd never heard of Mark Prent before or seen his flipper-man sculpture, I'd kind of already gotten that about the energy already, which shows Martyn must have done something right.

Anyway I love his concept of joint creation, where he feeds off the words of others and you get a kind of co-creation, so untalented clowns like me can claim a piece of the process at least.



Hi, you have a nice blog. The bulldoser pic is kind of common for me but it has somekind of charm anyway.

copper sink artisan
I understood the powerful movement of the shoveler, but don't quite understand why his co-worker is not in a synchronous vibration with him. Perhaps my mind is far too literal sometimes.... an attribute that is not always very handy in understanding art.
perhaps his co-worker is a lazy, lazy man.
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