Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ideas: Ecosystem Health Model

Dr. John Howard, a gastroenterologist and professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Western, writes the following in this month's issue of Alternatives: Canadian Environmental Issues & Action:

"More spending on health care does not translate statistically into a healthier population. Education and other social programs, on the other hand, are clear determinants of human health. But, we [Canadians] are taking money away from education, the environment, and social support - all of which are proven determinants of health - and putting it into health care."

This, to me, seems indicitave of the short-sighted nature of our political system. Alas, it would be political suicide to implement the ecosystem health model that Dr. Howard is proposing. And the replacement party would only redirect funding back into health care (the reactive pill prescribing kind).

Alternatives is a great magazine, not only for ecogeeks but anyone systemically inclined in their thinking. Unfortunately their articles aren't available online, but for more info see
their website here.


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