Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the end of the 3-week 4-province party marathon

I've been wanting to do part II of my stream of consciousness wedding story but I'm back at work and haven't yet had time. Hopefully I'll get a chance this evening. My allergies are kicking my ass much harder now that I'm at work and can't sleep in, so energy is in short supply, but I'll perservere.

The phrase I've been using to sume the whole thing up is '3-week 4-province party marathon.' During which time fate smiled so broadly and deeply upon us; good fortune was ours, blessed were we and so on, what a time it was the time of my life. So much love from so many people, including those I haven't seen forever, like once-removed-cousin Tom from 20 years ago, who is a wonderful man who showed us the whole city from up on high and gave me a piece of my own history I didn't know existed: my mother's mother's mother's homemade and well used tea towel that is laced with her work and her hands.

It's a bit of a let down when something so big ends, and on top of that someone borrows your precious kitties to exterminate (or frighten away) his mice infestation. So, M and I are tired but we are still excited to be hubbywifey love monkeys and the journey has begun.

As I read about Allen Ginsberg's months in India I also feel that old travel gene vibrating extra-hard and I want to go to Scotland India Finland Ghana Nicaragua California Indiana Ohio Japan and back to Indonesia to visit my sweet friend Shinto and maybe even find DJ and Ichel and Adda, Ibu Win and Pak Dju, all those crazy environmental studies kids trying to protect Indonesia's future with 0 money and few resources, just big brains and really nice lunches. Soon enough but for now, I must find someone to enter my precious precious data somewhere presumably safe.


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