Friday, September 02, 2005


"We met in Montreal
far from the rain
running in circles
moving with so little time"
--one of the blue rodeo guys, can't remember which

Here's the library where we are in Montreal today:

Though it looks a little different now.

We lucked out with a ride from Fredericton all the way here through the remnants of Katrina with two wonderful Mali-Canadian women, the only women who have picked us up on our whole journey. We were certainly due a long ride after a series of shorts. Had a lovely breakfast with Aunt Nikki at Cora's in Fred-town, a nice little 'city' on the river.

Being ahead of schedule we're luxuriating here, and have both finished the books we brought, borrowed and started another, and in Miia's case finished another and started a Finnish one, if you follow. We're at the library to geek out and then buy some used books for our train-ride home - we decided not to hitch the 400's through Ontario, too nightmarish the traffic be.

To my peeps in tdot, seeya very soonly.


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