Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dear Mr. Solondz

After a beautiful weekend in a boathouse near Fenelon Falls, doing the Finnish saunasmimsaunaswimsaunaswimbeer thing, we went and ruined it by seeing 'Palindromes'. [fun Finnish factoid #37: the longest palindrome known to humans is a Finnish word - natch.}

We made the decision in a Harveys, decided to take a chance on a movie we ain't never heard of before. Bad move. If I'd known it was a Todd Solondz (joint isn't the word) depressant, I'd have spent the night hotboxed in our bedroom instead. What the fuck is wrong with that guy?

Why hasn't he killed himself yet? I wish he would, or at least, as Jay Antani puts it, "shack up alone in the woods, scribbling misanthropic manifestoes on strips of celluloid the rest of his life," and stop torturing me with his films. More prescient a question is: why do other people think his movies are worth producing? Why can't they see they are crap? Ubercrap.

Somehow I've managed to see no less than 3 of them now, and they were all really good at making me feel icky. They've also managed to be both disturbing AND boring (not an easy combination to achieve).

Please, Todd, for the sake of humanity, stop it!

The Bopper

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