Thursday, August 18, 2005

Can I get a Visual on That?

My co-worker and friend Martyn has this cool website, which is in my links section, called Gallow Glass, on which he mainly posts photoglyphs, digitally altered photographs. These images are inspired to the words people suggest to him (also done electronically).

I sent him a phrase that he's gone ahead and used, and you'll recognize the phrase from my last entry: Illusion of Permanence. [Click on that link to see Martyn's image.]

It was originally Woody Allen who claimed that tradition is the illusion of permanence. My dad quoted this to me the other day and it struck a chord, as M and I struggle with what traditions to keep and which ones to scrap as we plan our wedding (2 days to go!). Maybe all these traditions, from getting done up at the hairdressers to white gowns to china patterns, are all just part of a big effort to maintain an illusion that we are permanent, that we come from eternity and will remain part of it. But the reality is that very few human traditions go back very far, we're a blip on evolution's charts, and our best case scenario involves being incinerated by the sun in a few million years as the universe rages on. I don't mean to be depressing; these things don't depress me at all. On the contrary, here is the opportunity, the free license if you will, for M and I to do whatever the fuck we feel like, tradition be damned!

Anyhoo, I really like what Martyn did with the phrase, it's rather brilliant actually.


Hey Christophe, you flatterer! Thanks for the kind words :) I'm glad you like the result of your title submission. Congrats to Miia! Great pic! You both look like you vibrate at the same speed.

Thanks mri! Synchronous vibration is a good way to look at it, I like it. Perhaps you will meet her soon - she's much more charming than I.
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