Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why I Don't Read the Wall Street Journal

I recently read a book review in the The Toronto Star - the book was some business guru garbage that neocon publishers love to pump out like they were X-box video games (more on those later). This book recommended reading 10 magazines that you wouldn't normally read to encourage 'out of box thinking'. (Here's a tip: anyone who uses the term 'out-of-box thinking' without little quotation marks, indicating the term's cliche inanity, isn't actually capable of it.)

Serendipitously, an article from the Wall Street Journal, a rag I wouldn't normally read, appeared in my inbox to remind me why I don't read it: Even when such a right-wing claptrap is arguing for something that I myself would argue for (in this case that immigration is not something the US should fear), its arguments are so shallowly rooted in a narrow profit margin view of the world as to leave me feeling guilty for having such an ally. For context, read this

Particularly disturbing is this line: "Immigrants are economic investments with increasing rates of return over time." You almost expect them to follow up with the average worth of immigrants from various regions (5 bucks for Chinese, 4 bucks for Africans, etc.). Way to reduce human beings to 'economic investments' so your vulturous readers will understand, Wall Street Journal!


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