Monday, July 25, 2005

Scowly-faced Scowlathon

Scowly-faced scowlathon
sonofabitch done me wrong
'cause of the colour of my skin
poverty done did me in
Scowl so hard I can't sleep at night
mornin' comes I'm stiff 'n' tight
ready for another fight
fight you fight her fight to win

Fight for justice fight for truth
'cause we're right let's fight for proof
prove you wrong prove you mean
most racist bastard i ever seen

Wait a minute that ain't right
word like 'bastard' sparks dynamite
patriarchal Christian bullshit
throws me into spastic fits
and 'sonofabitch' is cruel to moms
whose ingrate sons drop big bombs

Makes me scowl that much more
and fight for rights of republican whores
see no humour have no fun
feel no gratitude for what's been done
by those before me who got me here
for the very support at which I jeer

Scowly-faced scowlathon
sonofabitch done me wrong

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poverty done did me in

Cool poem, light hearted, serious, and a bunch of swearing.... what more could I want.
thanks! i owe it all to the influence joe pesci - that man took poetic swearing to a new level.
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