Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ishtar Got Nuthin on You, Babe

middle river's no place for you
and no place for me to ask
what a mortal like me can offer
the goddess of love and war

though my pockets are empty
of whatever you need
and your strength outweighs me
your love is not destruction

only the exiles of paradise
could equate these things
and miss more ancient wisdom
that outdates Christ

it must go back even further
to when god and space were born
you were right there with them
saying love does not envy

and war faught in love's name
is war faught in false idolatry
when my heart starts raging
it's Ishtar spoiling your fruit

you take my hand in your hand
take my eyes in your eyes
take my lips in your lips
and reconcile all fury

I don't know what it is
to love beyond myself
except that I have something
something that you need

and when my rage and false glory
punches itself into submission
i'll submit myself to you in shame
because you heal my broken wounds

you mend the ravages
you take my hand in your hand
you take my eyes in your eyes
you kiss my lips with your lips

and we both become stronger
not for power hungry struggles
not even to save the world
but to love and live together

two companions can prevail
we choose reconciliation
perpetual shared truth-speaking
let the gods bring what they may

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