Wednesday, June 22, 2005

GOD (Galvanizing Ontological Dichotomies)

Don't you hate it when groups create their name for the sole purpose of having a cool acronym? Anyway, I think I'm gonna quit all the shit I do and start my own organization, GOD, which stands for Galvanizing Ontological Dichotomies. This title won out over Spurring Argumentative Divisions (SAD).

Here's GOD's mission statement:

GOD's mission is to work with our partners in government, business, academia, and the nonprofit sector to galvanize mutually synergistic efforts to categorize wax-philosophies, and publish the black and white results in contradictory pop culture books to spur mass hysteria and wide public debate, the product of which will be the status quo.

Pretty good eh? I feel that the chances of achieving this mission are very, very high.


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Will you be hiering anytime soon, I would love to do GOD's work!
The hours are long and the pay is short. If you can handle that, GOD could use a man like you!
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