Saturday, May 14, 2005


leftover pictures rearranged anachronilogically
timequaking fragments of memories of anarchy
mixed metaphors broken symbols forgotten etimology
cropping here clipping there heart breaking chronically
throwing away the blurry bits incorrect anatomically
keeping the best ones significant or happily
the rare moments of magic where worry wasn't drowning me
and it was all you and you and you and me
whoever you was in that moment in time you see
the you's change depending which second you split most quickly
and the frequency gets faster with increased intensity
a hyperbolic curve swings round and surrounds me
until i'm drowning in a swirling sea of memories
collided combined in out of focus imagery
and with all my will i can land where i wanna be
it's a trick that i learned after the first time you hurt me
that's the first you whoever that was that first crushed me
if i crop it just right and discard the wrong leads
i can finally experience bliss perpetually
(as long as i remember to do so randomly)
except for that gnawing grating thought that plagues me:
what if one of these images is supposed to tell me
how the hell a guy like me lives his life properly?


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