Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the colour of their skin

Just listening to a CBC story on Latin American politics, with a focus on race relations.

There was a bit on a group of bronze-skinned radicals with the goal of "eliminating the inferior white conquering race." Scary, and not just for us white folks. They use an Incan symbol; Hitler's Nazis used an ancient Buddhist icon. They've copied so many Nazi stylings in their anti-Aryan guerilla war. But they're just the same as Nazis in that they blame all their problems on a 'race' of people, blinding out more relevant class, political, and systemic issues.

I recently read a novel called 'After Dachau' by Daniel Quinn, set thousands of years in a future that might exist had the Nazis won. The scary part of the novel was that it was so completely un-1984. It was just like the world we have now, with rich ruling poor and the latter in the majority, the minor in dead-end jobs designed to perpetuate the status quo, and EVERYONE in denial. The only-est difference was that everyone was white, because everyone else had been killed off in the centuries following WWII. Much as you don't see many indigenous people in a lot of the first world anymore.

If you base your revolution on race, or any kind of hate for other, you end up with the same old shit, and it all lands on the people at the bottom, whatever their colour.


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