Saturday, May 21, 2005

Balance Off

There's so much
to worry about
and so many reasons not
to worry at all
This is what
my struggle's about
is that every time I try
to balance these things
I fall

It's good to stretch
before each game
but every time I stretch
I feel so much pain
and when it comes
time to play
my body tries to tell me
to be serious again


It's good to plan
well in advance
if you're having people over
to celebrate and dance
There's lots of time
he says to me
and I'll come when I'm coming
if I'm going to be free
the space is booked
and the time
but I've got no guestlist
at the scene of the crime


It's good to know
just what you want from life
so you can fill your days
doing all the things you like
and when you're through
you'll know you didn't waste
your one opportunity
to smell touch and taste
and as you choke
on the phlegm of all you've done
you'll know your coronary
is a sign that you've won


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