Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Quick one on the two time

It's almost bed-time, wouldja lookit that? Almost 11!

Somehow my stress has declined without any decrease in workload. In fact, there are several unanticipated urgencies to take care of. To what do I owe my relatively low (i.e. average) blood pressure? Three thank yous to:

1. A hilarious what to do in case you have a heart attack when no one else is looking slide-show that was emailed to me by a co-worker,
2. James Joyce's 25-page (and counting) diatribe on the joys of burning in hell,
3. The Academy.

The soft furry kitty cat purring away on my desk doesn't hurt either.

As the GREAT Bobby McFerron said, "Simple pleasures are the best. Hell, yes."


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