Wednesday, March 02, 2005

multicultural hockey pucks

The Raptors are in San Antone tonight to lend themselves as floor mops. Game time is 8:30 here in TO, so that's some good fun to look forward to. We'll be watching in the falafel joint around the corner, since we don't have cable and they have a big screen TV. Next door is a sports bar but it's full of too many gocks (geek-jocks). Sure, I'm one myself, but I crave the cross-cultural experience.

Watching hockey at the falefel joint is the funniest thing. You got M cheering for Finland, me with my Canadiens hat, one other white guy sitting alone making fun of us, and a bunch of people speaking a bunch of languages, not paying any attention to the game, then singing O Canada when it's over with great pride. I love it!


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