Monday, February 28, 2005

I Should Do Some Work

The above subject is my new mantra.

My stress level is a bit out of control. I'm gritting my teeth a lot, which is in turn giving me more headaches than usual.

Reading James Joyce seems to help for some reason. I'm reading 'portrait of the artist...' - apparently his most accessible work. It is easy enough to read, after the babytalk start. The writing is really beautiful.

I finally finished clash of fundamentalisms, the sixth book I've completed this year. [My propensity for listmaking is perhaps one source of stress. I'm a little obsessed with accomplishment - been an overachiever ever since I almost failed my maroon level swimming class in 1983. I have a memory for statistics like Chris Bosh has rebounding skills - 8.3 per game at age 20 years and 300 days, not bad Boshie, not bad.]

My current obsessions are:

1. my wedding
2. my job
3. the enviro. org. i'm on the board of
4. basketball (my own team and the Raptors - yes I'm a raptors fan, never let it be said that i don't have a sense of humour)
5. writing a novella pitch and a novel
6. reading books

Not likely in that order though. But the first 4 more than the last 2, unfortunately. [I'm excited about the wedding, but planning it is a pain, even though we're keeping it bonehead simple.]

February blues, only one day left.


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