Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hear me o Lord in my Longing

Longing is the universal feeling: desire
so I asked my girl how to pray
because being raised a Christian
there was so much blood on my hands
and more spilling every day

She said let's have a weekend without computers
so I got on my knees and scrubbed
but once loosened the river released
and flooded the whole of the house
until all I could see was more blood

I ran to every corner
and I covered every inch
my bones were bared
with no muscle spared
it had to do in a pinch

The bank forclosed on my heart
and I had to reboot after all
got lost in virtual communique
fighting porno popups galore
fearing their effect on my balls

I sent off a quick letter
to keep the loan sharks at bay
got back to planning my wedding
organizing expense accounts
distributing wealth on work 'n' play

You gotta spend money to make money
so I'm due for a lottery win any sec
I still long to travel the world
see those poor kids up close
they're dirty but what the heck?

We're all longing for something
for some of us it's food and such
but who is ever satisfied?
I keep longing for more
after every single touch

What does it take to simplify?
throw all this broken shit out
throw out the stuff that works too
it'll bust up soon enough
guaranteed without a doubt

It's the one thing you can be sure of
things end and things fall apart
the great mystery of it all
is no matter how many things die
there's always something else to start

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Unfortunately my blog doesn't allow anonymous comments (anyone know how I can change that?), so this person emailed me her response, and I'll share it because as a writer compliments are soooo nice:

"Amazing poem - hainting, true, somehow the melancholy
of our longing yet the glimmer of real hope that we
can still clamour onward. Thanks. Really."
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