Friday, November 12, 2004

Post-election Bob Dylan Blues

Some things I wrote (like with a pen) since the election:

I can't believe
You had the nerve to tell so many lies
All those false strands
somehow you never got stuck inside
your web of evil axes

That's your power
traping prey for poison
The Predator
Playing games over the ocean
as the innocent die in the suction.

[3 guesses who i wrote that for]

And this, written during an exciting meeting on how to get Canadians to do something about climate change:

Let's go on the web
that's where it's at
dress a local celeb
up like he's a sheep
ranting but staying on message
this will save the world
this will save the day

practitioners training NGO's n LPC's
you may ask 'what's it got to do with me?'

And here's something I wrote some time ago:

Ashraf is the right man for the job
because he knows how to multi-task
He's got 3 degrees but
minimum wage is all he asks

Lotta unfinished poetry lately, I blame Bob Dylan's book, but it was a damn good read.

Here's another oldie but goodie, and it's complete - it's a Haiku (Canadian English version with no reference to nature or season), so it's short, I churn these out like butta (or buddha):

Lotta ill lookin'
people on subway - seven
AM Saturday

Yep, I'm a freakin' genius, let's face it.

That's all for now - burn in hell George W., burn in hell.

The Bopper


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