Friday, November 26, 2004

The Great Song of Indifference

Well, Bushy's coming to town. Not this one, the capital of Canada. That's Ottawa. Not Toronto.

I'm in Toronto though so to join the protest I have to leave town at crack o'clock, drive 5 and a half hours to the town that never wakes up, and join the rest of the outsiders.

Except, I'm an insider now. I'm trying to change the system from within. Having more success at it than I ever did from without. Those fences work you know, especially with all them big burly human blockades surrounding them, and the perpetual stream of consiousness tear gas flowing like leftover chili, burns the eyes. They swing big sticks too, and by now they probably have tazers, and guns that shoot bullets of rubber and lead [do they still use lead or are they, like the pencil people, worried about lead poisoning?].

I don't wanna give the impression I'm scared or anything, it just doesn't seem to fit. My schedule I mean. Because after the 5.5 hour drive and then about 5.5 hours of protesting, we'd have to drive 5.5 hours back. And this is a Wednesday, you see, when he visits. That means missing work that day. And a 16.5 hour day without enough sleep. It's just hard to even imagine what with so much to do at work, so many projects I care about, that do more to change the world than standing around getting gassed ever will. Do I sound like a sellout?

I'd love to go, and all, it'd be fun. I miss protesting, it's a tremendous team-building exercise. Corporations should do it, send their people out teambuilding at a protest against their competitors, good for the team and the public image. Shell could send their marketing team down to Esso to talk to passersby about the damage Esso is doing to the environment.

Anyway, what I meant to say was that protesting is a great bonding activity. You really get close to the people you're there with. It's like war but you don't have to kill, and the odds of dying are low, relative to war. And you're united in cause, in righteous outrage.

Goddamn Bush, we should be outraged shouldn't we? What right does he have to fuck the world the way he has, the motherfucking rapist. He should be protested everywhere he goes, Canadians should take a stand against the earthfucker, the peacefucker, the brownpeoplefucker.

Unfortunately he won't ever listen, it won't make a difference to him or his hawks (I shouldn't even call them that, hawks are beautiful animals and you don't ever see hawks committing genocide do you?), it won't change the world. But it feels good, it feels good to do the right thing, to be on the just side. But you gotta question that feeling, like this: isn't that how Bush probably feels too? Anyway, protestors aren't out to kill. They just want to express their anger, express their dissent, their strong disagreement and dissatisfaction with America's choice for world dictator.

Empires rise and fall - America's due for a major collapse. So are the rest of us. Bush is accelorating the process. As the fire consumes us I want to be able to stand up and say "hey, I did my best to stop this."


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